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Excursions by boat


One cannot visit Caorle without also visiting its lagoon, so dear to the American writer Ernest Hemingway. The Caorle lagoon is still an uncontaminated environment where time flows slowly and quietly. One can hear the many birds building their nest here. Visitors can board the Motonave Arcobaleno or the “bragozzo” Serenissima, (a typical boat of the lagoon, suited for shallow waters), which every day leaves from the fisherman harbour downtown Caorle and follow the fishermen’s routes to the lagoon. Here one can also see the “casoni”, the traditional fishermen thatched houses, where their families used to live during the long fishing seasons.

Visiting the lagoon by boat is certainly the best choice, as it allows access in the thick network of canals and gives the opportunity to enjoy the sounds and the silence of nature, as well as to observe the intricate vegetation created by the slow and regular rhythms of the tides.
The lagoon is also accessible by bike, thanks to the bike route that reaches and traverses the area of Valle Vecchia, better known as “Brussa”. It is a 12 km trail, well marked by direction signs, that takes you inside this naturalistic oasis, and allows you to see the casoni, the Falconera dock –one of the few areas of open lagoon still existing, populated by many swamp birds-, the pine forest and the shore of Valle Vecchia, the last non urbanized beach on the Venetian coast, with its natural dunes, and wild vegetation, where sea turtles still go to lay eggs. The best seasons to visit the area by bike or horseback riding are during the fall, when vegetation is at its best with multicoloured leaves, and the spring with its incredible variety of flowers.
A boat takes visitors to Concordia Sagittaria and Portogruaro, by reservation. Lunch is served on board and includes a variety of dishes of local cuisine.
The ship “Caorle” leaves daily from the dock and takes visitors directly to Saint Mark Square in Venice, after a pleasant trip along the coast and through the Venetian lagoon.

Finally, for enthusiasts of deep sea fishing, the Adriatica Club Charter organizes daily trips offshore, providing not only the fishing equipment but also the experience and the competence of true sea lovers.